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Saturday, March 20, 2010


I've traveled to Thailand a couple years ago with Vicky and I remember laundry being a constant challenge. Paying someone else to do it is way too expensive, even in Thailand when traveling on a budget so before traveling to Argentina I knew that a proper solution would be in order. I would have totally forgot to look into this problem if it wasn't for a travel guide that I was reading which suggested bring some rope to hang clothes. Well my friends, I've discovered something better...

The 'FLEXOLINE' is pretty cool because you can dry clothes much quicker! Unfortunately, the company I ordered it from didn't have any in stock so I just got regular rope instead. I did figure out a way to create my own variation of the flexoline and now I will remember this trick whether I'm traveling or camping.

STEP ONE: Buy a good length of nylon rope, approximately 1/8 of an inch & a universal sink plug adapter (available in most hardware stores).

STEP TWO: Travel somewhere.

STEP THREE: find a sink, tub or whatever and wash your clothes (or find a place to go swimming and get your towel and bathing suit wet).

STEP FOUR: fold your rope in half (what's the wording I'm looking for here?) and twist it as much as possible before tying the two open ends to a hook, door or whatever.

STEP FIVE: insert your clothes into the twisted rope so that you don't have to fold it over the rope... no need for clothes pegs and your clothes will dry really fast!

Enjoy your dry clothes!

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  1. Salut les voyageurs

    Roch vient de m'annoncer votre aventure en Amérique du Sud.....Chanceux.
    Comment allez-vous.....beau voyage à date?
    Je vais poursuivre votre voyage qui devrait être intéressant
    Bon voyage et soyez prudents

    Raymond et Antonine